Archimedes I


  • to research on the relation between the lifestyle of drivers with inattentive and careless driving
  • to standardize countervailing measures with the causes of traffic collisions
  • to contribute to the decrease of the socio-economical cost from traffic collisions
  • to empower the theory and research domain at higher education level.



  • According to the traffic police’s statistical data, the total number of traffic collisions in Greece from 1995 to 2001 was 150.000 approximately. 8.5% of those were fatal, which corresponds to 230.000 individuals involved and 6.5% of those who were killed.
  • Traffic collisions are one of the main causes of death, injuries and property’s catastrophe.
  • The consequences of tiredness and lack of sleep are serious for individual health and productivity as well as for the driving behavior.
  • Research data show that sleeping while driving is one of the main reasons if not the most important following alcohol behind traffic collisions.
  • Several types of drivers such as professional drivers and those who follow specific lifestyles are more likely to drive when they feel tired.


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