Guidelines for professionals

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This booklet is addressed to professionals involved in the provision of services
for female victims of gender-based violence: psychologists, therapists,
mentors, trainers, counsellors, etc.
The booklet has been developed as part of the European project „WOMPOWER –
Empowering women to fight against domestic violence through an integrated
model of training, support and counselling” funded by the European Union within
the DAPHNE III programme.

The aims of this booklet are the following:

  • To provide a conceptual framework on the phenomenon of gender based violence;
  • To provide an overview on the experiences of women victims of intimate partner
    violence, as resulted from the research undertaken in the project;
  • To present our Comprehensive Intimate Partner Violence Prevention and Support
    Service – the WOMPOWER model.

This booklet is complemented by the DVD of the project where you can find in electronic
format all the materials developed in the project, including the complete WOMPOWER
model with different tools for professionals.
We hope you will find this booklet useful in your work related to  activities and services
for women who have suffered from gender-based violence.