In-depth accident observations and injury statistics

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Report on injury sitution of bicyclists in traffic accidents on a European level with focus on helmet use

It was very difficult to find data of the real numbers of injured bicyclists for all European
countries.The numbers given in existing sources are often different and seem to be sometimes
incorrect. There are official bodies and European associations presenting data, many times not
covering all European countries. For Europe data on traffic accidents are published by IRTAD , CARE
or ERSO based on the DACOTA Factsheets.

Taken from the DaCoTA Basic Fact Sheet 2012 which is mainly based on CARE-Data of the years
2010 and earlier, cyclists currently represent around 5% of all fatalities in IRTAD countries, with an
increasing trend since 2010 [2]. In Europe bicycle fatalities make up to 6.8% of the total number
of road accident fatalities in 2010 in the EU-20a countries. In these countries, 1,994 people riding
bicycles were killed in traffic accidents in 2010, which is 9% less than the 2,196 bicycle fatalities
reported in 2009. Here, there was a decrease of 38% during the decade 2001-2010 in the number
of bicycle fatalities.