Guidelines for women suffering from intimate partner violence

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Women’s rights are an essential component of universal human rights. They reflect the
fact that men and women have very different experiences – and that women and girls
often face gender-based discrimination that puts them at increased risk of poverty, violence,
ill health and poor education.

Women have the right to…

  • a secure life
  • live free of fear
  • love and be loved
  • be treated respectfully
  • be who they are
  • have privacy and individuality
  • have an opinion and share it
  • change and to change their mind
  • say ‘no’
  • their personal money and the right to use it
  • ask questions
  • be human, which means not perfect
  • make mistakes
  • make decisions over matters that concern them
  • not please everyone
  • put themselves first
  • change their lives

Every day there are millions of women across our planet who are forced to live without
these rights. Often times they are being forced by the people who are closest to
them. These relationships often follow a similar pattern, known as the Cycle Theory of