Georgia Tzamalouka

TzamaloukaDr. Georgia Tzamalouka holds a doctor’s degree in the field of Social Psychology. She is a research fellow of the Laboratory of Health and Road Safety.

She has published 19 original papers in international and European peer-reviewed journals. She has participated in 20 conferences, presenting her research findings of the various projects in which she has been involved. Her work has been cited in international and Greek journals.

Her main fields of study are risky driving, organizational risks at work places, gender issues and domestic violence.

Dr Georgia Tzamalouka is a member of the Athens Synthesis Centre of Psychotherapy as a Mental Health Consultant and also a member of the European Association of Psychotherapy.

Dr Tzamalouka is the author of the book “The quest of the masculine identity: what is homosexuality?” published by Cactus and the French-to-Greek translator of the book “Women and homosexual men: the fake indifference” written by Virginie Mouseler (Papazisis Publications).