Award ceremony of certificates in the program «ΔΡΟΜΟ-λόγια ΖΩΗΣ»

The award ceremony for the teachers who successfully completed their training in
the program «Promotion for road safety culture in accordance with the educational
package «ΔΡΟΜΟ-λόγια ΖΩΗΣ» of the Laboratory of Health and Road Safety» took
place on Tuesday 26 of June 2018, at the TEI of Crete.

The ceremony was held at an auditorium in the Schools of Health and Welfare
Services faculties’ building, in the presence of vice-rector Christos Floros, vice mayor
of Education Giorgos Vlachakis, Director of Primary Education Dimitris Apostolakis,
headmaster to the Department of Social Work in the TEI of Crete Joannes
Chliaoutakis, professor and coordinator of the program Maria Papadakaki, and Head
of the Department of Education Maria Dimitriou.

«ΔΡΟΜΟ-λόγια ΖΩΗΣ» is an educational program that promotes road safety culture
and is aimed towards teachers of Primary and Secondary Education as well as
students’ parents. The program is implemented under the Iraklion municipality’s
Strategic Planning for Lifelong Learning «Ηράκλειο: Η πόλη που Μαθαίνει»
(«Iraklion: The city that Learns»). The goal is to develop, alter, and improve
knowledge, attitude and behavior of teachers and parents towards matters of road
safety. The program will be on for 12 months and is being materialized by the
municipality of Iraklion in collaboration with the TEI of Crete and the Departments of
Primary and Secondary Education of Iraklion.