ORAMMA progress meeting in Nijmegen, 07-08, september, 2017

The ORAMMA meeting took place in Nijmegen on 7 and 8/12 and it was hosted by Radboud University. The meeting was attended by representatives of all partners and members of the advisory board, Diane Nurse (National Social Inclusion Office, Primary Care Division, Health Service Executive, Ireland) Wendy Nicholson (National Lead Nurse CYP & families & Deputy Head of WHO Collaborating Centre for Public Health England), and Elena Petelos (Public Health Specialist & HTA Expert- Lecturer in EBM and EBP.

In the meeting all partners discussed the project’s progress, focused on the outline of the training handbooks, the processes regarding the start of the pilot implementation and better coordinate the upcoming training activities addressed to health care professionals and maternity peer supporters.
The next meeting of the ORAMMA project will take place in Sheffield on 16-17/2/2018.